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Color and Texture: Cinematography of FIFTY 4

FIFTY 4, a fashion film shot by Adnan X. Khan

Mixing fashion, conceptual ideas and a fluid narrative, FIFTY 4 is a freaky little film that I shot in Dubai for director Moe Najati using the RED Epic and four different lens systems—Leica Summilux-C, Cooke Varotal, ARRI Master Zoom and Zeiss Macro (provided by the amazing Asif Limbada at LFP).

I had worked with the same director before on a Volkswagen commercial and Red Bull film. FIFTY 4 naturally became our ‘rebellion’ project! Here was Moe’s chance to explore themes he was interested in personally, and then as the film’s director of photography I could take those thematic abstractions and create a cinematic world wherein menace and beauty collide in explosive fashion! In our preparation of the visual design of FIFTY 4, I thought it fit to achieve this goal using two elements: color and texture.

Watch FIFTY 4:

Even very early on as the director was developing the concept, I felt that color would set the defining look for FIFTY 4. This feeling was validated once he asked me if we could shoot some of the scenes in black and white! Why, of course! I was very interested in the elemental clash between color and monochrome! Style was always an important consideration for this project (wardrobe and fashion consultancy was provided by The cARTel in Dubai)…and we were also aware of the resurgence of black-and-white photography in the fashion world.  Continue Reading