Few Types Of Dog Bite Lawyer

Reasons to hire the best dog bite attorney in Los Angeles

Dogs are generally man’s best friend, but on the rare instance that a dog turns and attacks, victims require options for retrieving compensation. After all, most people do not comprehend how much a dog attack can cost – from the lost wages to health check costs to the pain as well as suffering. Some dog attack victims are left enduringly disfigured, while others undergo from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

For those who need medical attention for their dog attacks, there are attorneys out there that can aid them to receive compensation – so that they do not have to shoulder the monetary burden of their ferocious attack.

Reasons to Hire a Dog Bite Attorney

Most people avoid hiring the best dog bite attorney in Los Angeles because of the cost. However, in these types of injury claims, attorneys work on an contingency  fee basis. That means that the victim does not pay the attorney until he or she succeeds with the claim as well as receives compensation for their client.

In addition to no upfront costs, other advantages come with hiring a dog attack attorney, including:

You get a skilled negotiator on your side – The insurance company might provide you a settlement, but that does not mean they are providing you the amount you deserve. In most situations, they are offering much less than you justify – but hoping that you have not yet consulted the best dog bite attorney in Los Angeles to find out your case’s worth. With an attorney, you have someone who knows how to argue with insurance companies and has practice handling these sorts of cases.

An attorney knows your state’s dog bite laws – Every state is dissimilar with their dog bite laws. Some states routinely assign negligence to a dog owner, while others need evidence the dog has an aggressive past. You are recovering from a dog attack, and you do not have time to explore these laws. An attorney has experience with not only injury claims, but dog attack cases. They know dog bite statutes and are up-to-date on any legislation that affects them.

Provide Access to Resources

When you hire a dog bite lawyer in LA, you’re essentially hiring a whole team of people dedicated to resolving your case and keeping you apprised of progress every step of the way. You’ll have one lead attorney, a paralegal to handle research and legwork, and investigators to collect evidence. They’ll also connect you with medical professionals who will examine you, document your injuries, and make sure you get the best possible surgical and medical care to treat those injuries.

Think about it: if your lawyer requires a whole team of people to adequately and thoroughly handle your case, how could you realistically handle it on your own?

You also get access to expertise that has been honed over the years. Because California laws regarding dog bites are complex, you need someone whose full-time job it is to know them inside and out, backwards and forwards. If it’s all you can do to show up to work while nursing your injuries, it’s nearly impossible to handle a complex lawsuit on your own. Your attorney is the one who should be interpreting the laws and using that knowledge to assist you in gaining a fair recovery.


When hiring an attorney, it is imperative that you choose a team who has been successful at handling as many cases as we have. You need personal, professional, and experienced help that you can count on without having any doubt in your mind. You can trust that our team is well-educated in these cases and have the credentials to help you get what you deserve in return for your losses.

Access to a team of investigators

If your case is complicated to prove, your attorney has a team of investigators that can help collect substantiation.

Become Your Personal Advocate

It’s comforting to know you have someone on your side when going through such a traumatizing time. You’re faced with the uncertainty of disfigurement, possibly with reconstructive surgery to repair your wounds, and on top of all that you may not know how you are going to pay for all the surgical and medical bills.

The job of a dog bite attorney in Los Angeles is to work diligently on your behalf to ensure you get a settlement amount that’s in line with your injuries. The other part of their job is to prosecute the at-fault party so that a similar situation doesn’t happen to anyone else. In essence, they become your personal crusader fighting for you – one who won’t rest until the dog owner is held accountable and they can be assured the public is protected from future injustices.

What are the other benefits of hiring a dog attack attorney?

1. You can hold the dog owner responsible for your injury:

A dog bite can leave you severely disfigured and emotionally traumatized, so it’s your right to demand compensation for your injury. Some dog owners train their dogs to be wild and aggressive for defense purposes or because they are bad owners. These types of owners create the risk of injury and thus, should be on the hook for it.  But even a good dog owner can’t predict their dog’s behavior, which is why it is important that they keep a watchful eye on their pet, so it doesn’t attack anyone.

You should contact a dog bite attorney as soon as you are bitten by a dog. The attorney will not just help you recover the medical costs but also ensure you get the just compensation you deserve. They will ensure that the dog owner is held responsible.

2. You don’t pay until you win the claim:

Many people think that hiring a dog bite attorney will be very expensive. However, this is not the case.  The majority of dog bite claims handled by injury attorneys are on a contingency fee basis, which means that you don’t pay the attorney any costs upfront. The attorney only gets paid when he or she obtains a settlement for the dog bite victim. So as a victim, you don’t have to pay any upfront costs, and the attorney gets paid from the settlement that he gets for you.

3. Your attorney knows how to pursue your claim:

Sometimes a dog bite victim will attempt to pursue a claim on their own in order to avoid paying any fees to an injury attorney. However, there is a process that attorneys use to get the maximum benefit for the victim in the shortest time period. Attempting to pursue a claim on your own not only delays your compensation, it can significantly damage your case. And if you have to file a lawsuit, you will need an attorney to guide you through the litigation process, which has little room for error.  

4. Better Chance of Increased Compensation:

Insurance adjusters’ primary task is to reduce the amount of money they pay to you for your injuries. They do this by minimizing any aspect of your case. For example, in a dog bite case, they will try to say that you caused the dog to bite you by your actions, or that your bite wounds will heal with no issue. Based on these factors, they will only offer you a small percentage of what you’re actually owed.  By hiring a dog bite attorney, you will know that nothing was left on the table and that you were not taken advantage of by the insurance company.

5. Knowing the Local Rules and Laws:

Dog bite cases are no different than any other legal case, and each State/City has its own rules relating to specific situations.  Certain jurisdictions will have much stricter rules when it comes to animals and where people are allowed to keep such animals. These rules and laws can play a very important role in your dog bite case because they create specific standards for owners and victims.  As a victim of a dog bite, you may be overwhelmed by such rules and laws, so it is always best to consult with an attorney who is well versed in this area. Your attorney will ensure that the dog owners are held accountable and that you are given every opportunity to utilize all of the local rules and laws in your favor.